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I'm a life long student who constantly networks my way into relationships with top business and real estate industry leaders. Over the last decade, my reputation for knowing what's going on at the moment and in the future has led small business owners and real estate professionals to reach out for answers - business consultations - and connections to people that know way more than I do.   So, #JustAskRuth became a brand, actually. Had I known the library of practical information I was collecting, I would have video taped every one of my conversations!  So as I build this site, I hope you'll add to my knowledge by asking me for the technology resources and the knowledge you need to grow and enhance your business!  




No matter your role, are you doing things the most efficient way or because you've always done it that way?  Let's talk about the best technology platforms, systems and business practices to put YOU in front of more revenue opportunities!


Don't ask Google, Just Ask Ruth!

Access my vast network of business owners, technology specialists, social media influencers, coaches, and real estate affiliates for opportunities to increase business and revenue! 


Access my exceptional closing and legal teams for residential, land,

or commercial transactions across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean! 


~Stacey Feltman, Ebby Halliday

Frisco, TX 


"Words can not express the complete trust I have in Ruth and her teams. No matter day or night she is always available to me and goes above and beyond in everything she does because she cares! She has innovative ideas and makes our business plans better day after day and year after year. Ruth, you will always have my team's business as we strive for flawless closings and you deliver."